What's Included in SimbleSME?

SimbleSME Energy IoT Device

SimbleSME includes 1or more Energy IoT Device(s) and access to the SimbleSME Dashboard and Mobile App. The SimbleSME Energy IoT Device will be installed by a qualified electrician at no extra cost and at the earliest convenience to both you and one of our certified installers.

The SimbleSME Energy IoT Device is installed at your business' energy meter box*. Connecting to the cloud via WiFi** or 4G, the SimbleSME Energy IoT Device sends live energy data to the SimbleSME App.

Energy IoT Device


SimbleSME App

The SimbleSME App displays energy data collected by your SimbleSME Energy IoT Device. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.

Before purchasing SimbleSME, please ensure that (1) you have read the terms and conditions and (2) your premises meets the following requirements:

*The SimbleSME Energy IoT Device needs to be installed in your meter box.

**The SimbleSME Energy IoT Device will connect to either WiFi or 4G depending on the type of device purchased. The WiFi model requires WiFi connectivity. If your meter box is beyond your WiFi range, a WiFi extender may be helpful. Alternatively a 4G model should be purchased.